It is my great honor to welcome you all to the ‘2021 ISF International Sport Career Conference’ organized by the International Sport Strategy Foundation(ISF).

The ISF has been able to conduct a variety of international sports activities as a global hub for international sports networks and systematic knowledge and information. With your support, we have prepared 2021 ISF International Sport Career Conference as a forum of discussions on how we can proactively respond to the changing international sport world utilizing global networks.


2021 was a remarkable year that left an important footprint not only in human history but also beyond the international sport. For the first time in Olympic history, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were unprecedented and it took an effort from everybody to make the Games happen in a safe and secure manner. This milestone marks a major step for the international sports field for a fast recovery. In particular, rather than waiting for the end of the COVID-19 era, we should prepare for the era of “With COVID-19 to find a way in line with the changes in the international sports organization.


In this sense, ‘2021 ISF international Sport Career Conference’ will be the place for experts in and outside of Korea to share their views on the topic of “With COVID-19” and the future prospects of the international sport. Furthermore, we hope that all talents who dream of becoming international sports experts will be an opportunity to establish career pathways and strategies.


The conference was prepared in a hybrid format of both online and offline discussion, in order to provide a safe and fulfilling conference. Although, we are unfortunately unable to meet all those who are interested in international sports in person, but we have prepared a place for those who are unable to participate physically can also communicate with experts of various backgrounds. We hope that it will be a beneficial time for those who wish to enter international sports organizations overseas beyond the Republic of Korea.


I would like to express my welcome and gratitude to all those who attended the conference once again, and I wish all the participants to have a meaningful time through the conference.


Thank you.

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International Sport Strategy Foundation President / IOC Member

Seungmin Ryu




On·Off-line Conference


Nov. 1st ~ 2nd, 2021

*Off-line venue : JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, 3F


With COVID-19, Future of International Sport