It is my great honor to welcome you all to the ‘ISF International Sport Career Conference 2022’ organized by the International Sport Strategy Foundation (ISF).

The ISF has been able to conduct various international sports activities as a global hub for international sports networks and systematic knowledge and information. With your support, we have prepared the ‘ISF International Sport Career Conference 2022’ as a forum of discussions on how we can proactively respond to the changing international sport world utilizing global networks.


The world has undergone an unexpected crisis and change through COVID-19 pandemic. But still sport has been an effective tool to promote friendship and networking worldwide. In 2018, Korea successfully hosted the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and was praised for the opening of a new horizon in Winter Olympic history. Through the PyeongChang 2018, once again the abilities of domestic sports experts were recognised and the influence of Korea's international sports was shown to the world. This is all thanks to the many professionals who worked for Korea to become the center of international sports.


The international sport community is making constant efforts to actively encourage engagement of the younger generation in the Olympic Games. The IOC approved Olympic Agenda 2020+5 as the new strategic roadmap and encourages the growth of digital engagement. In other words, it is necessary to nurture future talents who can respond to these change and to build a strategic collaboration system with relevant organizations to strengthen international sports competitiveness.


In this sense, ‘ISF International Sports Career Conference 2022’ aims to present the direction of fostering young talents who will lead the future international sport in Korea and seek roles to strengthen the competency. This conference will be a place for fruitful dialogue for international sports experts working in Korea and abroad to share in-depth views on ‘International Sports Competitiveness and Talent Development’. Furthermore, it will provide a learning opportunity to establish career direction and strategy for people who dream of becoming an international sports expert.


I would like to conclude by once again expressing warm welcome and gratitude to all distinguished guests attending the ‘ISF International Sport Career Conference 2022’ and I wish all the participants a fruitful time.

Thank you.

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International Sport Strategy Foundation President / IOC Member

Seungmin Ryu




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Oct 26th ~ 28th, 2022


Iternational Sport Competitiveness and Talent Development








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