Korean International Sport Platform



To promote sport cooperation between countries and to create, spread and practice the knowledge of international sport cooperation

International Sport Information and Analysis

Through the identification of ‘key’ information in international sport, we try to develop creative expertise through convergence with sports and other disciplines in order to assist enhancing the information access and capabilities of domestic sports officials and organizations.
• International Sport information Service  • International Sport knowledge Service

International Job Opportunities

In order to provide wider view and broader job opportunities to future leaders who dream of becoming an international sport expert, we collect and organize job information of international sport.
• International Sport Job Information in one sight  • Internship with International Sport Leaders

International Sport Conference

Under the theme of main issues, we host the conference, held with renowned IOC members and officials from international sport organizations to share various expertise and view, providing place for the networking of domestic and international sport officials.

International Sport Network

Through supporting domestic leaders in international sport and establishing cooperation system, the ISF aims to empower Korean sport and provide platforms on international sport networks.
• Supporting International Sport Leaders  • International Sport Cooperation

Youth Sport Camp

International Sport strategy Foundation (ISF) is committed to providing the education of the Olympic Value and sporting opportunities to more youth around the world, including less privileged and isolated area from sport. Consequently, ISF contributes to social integration, youth development, education, health, gender equality, and peace through sport. Furthermore, via this programme, we consolidate the international sport influence and sport diplomacy of Korea.